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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SIGMAA?

SIGMAA stands for Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America. A SIGMAA is a group of MAA members who share a common interest in a particular aspect of mathematics.

How much does a SIGMAA membership cost?

The cost of a SIGMAA membership is $12/year. Click here for more information on joining a SIGMAA.

What does my SIGMAA membership include?

SIGMAA membership give you access to the various resources of the SIGMAA. This could include electronic discussion groups, knowledge bases, and special events for members including paper sessions at national meetings and organized trips.

How long is my SIGMAA membership good for?

The SIGMAA membership is good for one year and can be renewed when you renew your MAA membership.

How do I add a new SIGMAA or renew my current SIGMAA membership?

You can add a SIGMAA or renew your current SIGMAA by contacting our service center at 800-331-1622.

Why haven't I heard from/received anything from my SIGMAA?

SIGMAAs communicate almost exclusively through their listserv. Some SIGMAAs send out occasional hard-copy mailings, so please make sure your address is up to date with the MAA.

How do I join my SIGMAA listserv?

When you join a SIGMAA you are automatically added to the listserv unless you notify us.

Please Note: Subscription to a listserv may take up to 4 weeks.

New SIGMAA RUME members can join their list by following these instructions

MAA SIGMAA Listserv Instructions


The listserv can be a valuable communications mechanism, allowing us to share ideas, activities, speakers, success stories, etc. The listserv was designed with a full-featured web interface as well, which allows subscribers to manage their subscription settings, access the list archives, etc.

Participation in MAA SIGMAA listserv(s) is available to MAA members who joined a SIGMAA(s) as part of their membership. Learn more about how to join a SIGMAA. Once you add a SIGMAA(s) to your membership, you'll be added to the listserv automatically. 


  • You'll be added to the listserv by the end of the month in which you joined a SIGMAA. 
  • MAA will only use the primary email address attached to your active MAA membership. If another address is added to the listserv, you may be subject to removal or have your email address reset to reflect the information on your profile. If you wish to update your email address, please do so by logging to your Member Profile on

About MAA Listservs

MAA uses Google Groups for hosting all listservs.

To access the listserv in a web interface:!myforums

A Google account is required to view it, but you can create one linked to your existing email address by going to:

Please be sure to login with the email address that you use as your primary email for the MAA membership. Login with an email account that is not included in the listserv member list will result in not displaying the current and historic content of a given SIGMAA listserv.

Once you have logged in, you’ll see the group(s) of which you are a member.

To post a message* to the list: (where listname has to be replaced with the appropriate name of a SIGMAA listserv)

*You must be subscribed to the list in order to post messages.