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AMC Resources

AMC Resources consists of material for teachers, parents and students to help with mathematical problem solving and to prepare for the MAA American Mathematics Competitions (AMC).

AMC Preparation Materials For Purchase

AMC Preparation Materials for Purchase consists of flash drives of past AMC 8/10/12, AIME and USAMO contests as well as AMC 8 and 10/12 Math Club Packages. 

Student Resources

Fun Math

Check out this list of websites that feature fun math.

The Art of Problem Solving

The Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) develops educational materials for the nation's top students in grades 2-12. The AoPS online community includes over 360,000 members from around the world, and the AoPS online school helps thousands of students each year develop tools needed for success in top-tier colleges and in prestigious math competitions.

AMC Advantage

The new and improved AMC Advantage is an online AMC Course

  • On-demand, self-paced, for students of all levels
  • Skill-building problem-sets on key AMC topics
  • Full length mock tests
  • Scores, performance analysis & ranking
  • Complete solutions
  • Educator dashboard
  • Try a few problems for free!
  • $4.99 per course

Teacher Resources

Curriculum Inspirations

Developed by James Tanton, Curriculum Inspirations is a collection of resources for Middle and High School Math Teachers that demonstrate practical ways to engage students in the lively exploration of mathematics and mathematical thinking using problems from AMC 8/10/12 contests — America’s longest-running and most prestigious mathematics competitions.