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Themed Contributed Paper Session Proposals


JMM Submission Deadline: January 31 in the year preceding JMM. Priority given to proposals received by the preceding December 20th (six weeks earlier)
MathFest Submission Deadline: (EXTENDED) December 10 in the year preceding MathFest. Priority given to proposals received by the preceding October 31st


An MAA Themed Contributed Paper Session (CPS) may focus on any aspect of mathematics. Examples include expository mathematics, connections within mathematics or between mathematics and other disciplines, the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, or mathematical pedagogy. The CPS committee seeks and encourages proposals that will contribute toward a well-balanced and scholarly program that represents the MAA’s mission.

Themed CPS organizers will be responsible for reviewing abstracts submitted for consideration, deciding which abstracts to accept, communicating with speakers, scheduling and chairing the session program. Organizers must be available to review abstracts and schedule talks during the two weeks immediately following the abstract submission deadline: April 30 for MathFest and the third Tuesday in September for the Joint Math Meetings. Themed CPS session presentations are 15 minutes in length (versus 10 minutes for General CPS session presentations) with 5 minutes for questions and transition to the next presentation.  A single session is generally 3 to 4 hours (9 to 12 talks).

The title and abstract/session description are the only information seen in the public call for papers.  The abstract should:

  • Define and describe the topic of the session clearly in the first three to five sentences. This introduction is meant to succinctly describe what the session is about in order to attract potential audience members and speakers.  You may also briefly mention why this topic is timely, recent changes in this field, or other reasons this session would be of interest to meeting participants.
  • Specifically describe the types of presentations sought for the session (e.g., original research, expositions, innovative ideas, demonstrations, problems, applications, projects, curricular materials, single class descriptions, whole course outlines, assessment methods, accessible to certain groups of people).
  • Emphasize (either explicitly or implicitly) that presentations are expected to be scholarly in nature.
  • Include sponsoring organizations if any (e.g., MAA committees, SIGMAAs).

In Additional Notes, please include any additional information that may be relevant to session selection. This can include justification for why the session should be run and any other information you wish the committee to consider (e.g., rationale, intended audience, reasons why the topic is timely, dissemination plans).  You can also list any anticipated time/scheduling conflicts at the meeting (if applicable).

Proposals for MathFest are due December 1 of the previous year, with priority given to proposals received by the preceding October 31st.  Proposals for the Joint Math Meetings are due January 31 of the previous year. To help the CPS committee balance its work load, organizers who submit proposals by the previous December 20 (about six weeks earlier) will be given priority and will receive committee approval or suggestions for revision in sufficient time for revised proposals to be reconsidered by the committee.

Late proposals will be considered only if (i) the committee has time after reviewing all on-time proposals, (ii) the program has availability, and (iii) the proposal would significantly contribute towards a better-balanced program.