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  • 9-18-1752

    Adrien-Marie Legendre born in Paris, France. He helped found the theory of elliptic functions.

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    Adrien-Marie Legendre
    Elliptic Functions
  • 9-18-1783

    "After having discussed the topics of the day, the Montgolfiers, and the discovery of Uranus, he [Euler] ceased to calculate and to live," according to the oft-quoted words of de Condorcet.

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    Leonhard Euler
    Marquis de Condorcet
  • 9-18-1819

    Foucault born in Paris, France. Famous for his pendulum experiment, he also took the first photograph of the sun and invented the gyroscope.

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    Leon Foucault
  • 9-18-1891

    William Ferrel, a self-taught American scientist who studied winds, tides, and currents, died in West Virginia.

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    William Ferrel