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2019-2020:  “Mathematics in the 21st Century” Lecture Series , London, England

          Gresham College Professor Chris Budd speaks about the applications of math in modern life:

  • October 8, 2019, “The Maths of Future Computing”
  • November 12, 2019, “Maths and Voting”
  • January 7, 2020, “Can Maths Save The Whales and Cure Cancer?”
  • February 11, 2020, “Great Mathematical Myths”
  • March 10, 2020, “The Art of Maths”
  • April 28, 2020, “Equations That Have Changed the World”

January 3-6, 2020:  epiSTEME 8, Mumbai, India

          The Eighth International Conference to Review Research in Science, TEchnology and Mathematics Education (epiSTEME 8) is the latest in a series of biennial meetings scheduled at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). One of the three strands of the conference is “Historical, Philosophical, and Socio-Cultural Studies of STME: Implications for Education”. The deadline for submission of papers is June 15, 2019.

January 8-9, 2020:  British Academy workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland

           This interdisciplinary workshop, sponsored by the British Academy and scheduled at the University of Edinburgh, is titled, "Universals' Locales: The International and Global History and Sociology of Modern Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences." Early-career scholars interested in the history or sociology of the modern theoretical and mathematical sciences are invited to explore the methods and implications of studying the local and global scales of seemingly universal knowledge. Conversations will be guided by Martina Merz (Alpen-Adria-Universität, Austria), Tatiana Roque (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), David Aubin (Sorbonne Université), and Ursula Martin (Edinburgh and Oxford Universities). Travel, accommodation, and meals during the workshop are funded for accepted participants. Applications are due by September 20, 2019 (use the link above). For any questions or expressions of interest, contact Michael J. Barany at the Univ. of Edinburgh.

January 13-15, 2020:   Tribute to Kurt Gödel 2020, Brno, Czech Republic

           This international conference is organized by the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, the Kurt Gödel Society in Brno, and Masaryk University.

January 15-18, 2020: AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Denver, CO

         The "largest mathematics conference in the world" is scheduled this year at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. It includes the following sessions relevant to the history of mathematics and its uses in teaching:

  • AMS-MAA Special Session on History of Mathematics, three sessions co-organized by Jemma Lorenat (Pitzer College), Sloan Despeaux (Western Carolina Univ.), Daniel E. Otero (Xavier Univ.), and Adrian Rice (Randolph-Macon College).
  • MAA Contributed Paper Session, “A History of Mathematics in the United States and Canada: A Session in Honor of Math Historian David Zitarelli”, co-organized by Amy Shell-Gellasch (Eastern Michigan Univ.) and Toke Knudsen (SUNY-Oneonta).
  • MAA General Contributed Paper Session on History or Philosophy of Mathematics, co-organized by Cathy Erbes (Hiram College), Holley Friedlander (Dickinson College), and Steven McKay (Brigham Young Univ.).
  • MAA Invited Paper Session on Creating Spaces for Mathematics.
  • MAA General Contributed Paper Session on Mathematics and Technology, History, and Logic.
  • MAA Invited Address by Della Dumbaugh (Univ. of Richmond), “Prospering Through Mathematics”.
  • AMS Special Session on Current Areas of Interest in the Mathematical Sciences of Medieval Islam, co-organized by Emelie A. Kenney (Siena College), Mohammad Javaheri (Siena College), and Mohammad K. Azarian (Univ. of Evansville).
  • Workshop, “Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Source Projects”, organized by the TRIUMPHS team (TRansforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources). This NSF-funded team of mathematicians is designing classroom modules called Primary Source Projects (PSPs) that can be used to teach topics across the standard undergraduate mathematics curriculum through the reading and study of primary historical sources (in English translation).
  • HOM SIGMAA Reception, Business Meeting, and Guest Lecture by June Barrow-Green (The Open Univ.), “The Historical Representation of Women in Mathematics”.

January 23, 2020:  The Philadelphia Area Seminar on History of Mathematics (PASHoM), Villanova, PA

         To be held 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Room 300 of the Saint Augustine Center, Villanova Univ. Following conversation and a light supper (donation: $10.00), beginning at approx. 6:30 or 6:45 Maryam Vulis (St. John’s Univ. in NY and Norwalk Community College in CT) will speak on The Lvov School of Mathematics, which officially existed from 1919 to 1939. This talk will discuss the works of the Polish mathematicians and the establishment of the Lvov School as a natural outcome of the development of mathematics prior to 1918, when Poland finally regained independence. Often called the school of functional analysis, the Lvov School of Mathematics left an invaluable legacy, and the contributions are numerous; this talk will address those of mathematicians who worked with Stefan Banach, Stanislaw Ulam, Marc Kac, Stanislaw Mazur, Hugo Steinhaus, and Kazimierz Kuratowski. The school came to an end with the 1939 annexation of Lvov, Poland to the USSR and the German occupation during WWII; sadly, many mathematicians from Lvov did not survive the war.

February 21-22, 2020:   ORESME Reading Group Meeting, Cincinnati, OH area

          This 42nd semi-annual gathering of the Ohio River Early Sources in Mathematical Exposition (ORESME) Reading Group, scheduled at Northern Kentucky Univ., will take up the first few lectures from Augustin-Louis Cauchy’s famous Résumé des leçons … sur le calcul infinitésimal, his 1823 calculus course at l’École Royale Polytechnique, wherein he presented his definition of a limit for the first time and used it to define both continuity and the notion of a derivative. There is a new English translation of this: Chapters 1-3 in Dennis M. Cates, Cauchy’s Calcul Infinitésimal: An Annotated English Translation (Springer, 2019). ORESME meetings feature discussion of important works in the history of mathematics, usually concentrating on a single author; the readings can be downloaded from the ORESME website. Organizers Daniel J. Curtin (Northern Kentucky University) and Daniel E. Otero (Xavier University) welcome your inquiries.

February 29, 2020:  BSHM Research in Progress Meeting, Oxford, England

          Presenters at this annual full-day meeting of the British Society for History of Mathematics (BSHM), to be held in Shulman Auditorium, Queen's College, Univ. of Oxford, will be research students in the history of mathematics and a keynote speaker.

March 5, 2020:  Engineering: Archimedes of Syracuse, London, England

          Scheduled at Barnard's Inn Hall at Gresham College, Edith Hall (Visiting Professor of Classics) discusses how Archimedes became the founder of statics and hydrostatics. By applying his discoveries to practical problems and physical phenomena, he demonstrated how levers work and created unprecedented war machines such as "Archimedes’ claw" and "heat-ray".

March 6-7, 2020:  Columbia History of Science Group Annual Meeting, San Juan Islands, Washington

          The Columbia History of Science Group will meet in its usual rugged but scenic location. Paper proposal deadline: Jan. 17, 2020.

March 31, 2020:  Deadline for 2020 HOM SIGMAA Student Paper Contest

          Entries to the 17th annual MAA History of Mathematics Special Interest Group Student Paper Contest are due to HOM SIGMAA Prize Coordinator Amy Shell-Gellasch by Tuesday, March 31, 2020. For more information, contact Amy Shell-Gellasch.

April 20, 2020:  The World of Isaac Newton, London, England

          Scheduled at Barnard's Inn Hall at Gresham College, Raymond Flood and Robin Wilson present an illustrated lecture covering Newton's life and his mathematical and scientific labors in the context of 17th-Century England, featuring his childhood in Lincolnshire, his university career in Cambridge, and his later life in London as Master of the Royal Mint and President of the Royal Society. This event marks the launch of a new Pitkin Guide on Isaac Newton, to be published in early 2020.

April 24-25, 2020:  24th Annual Recreational Mathematics Conference, South Lake Tahoe, CA

         This annual conference, organized by the California Mathematics Council of Community Colleges, always includes talks on historical topics.

May 16, 2020:  History of Decision Mathematics, London, England

          This all-day conference at Birkbeck College, London, features about half a dozen speakers. The conference is organized by the British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM) with support from the Dept. of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck, Univ. of London.

May 20-24, 2020:   Biennial Conference on History of Mathematics and Teaching of Mathematics, Miskolc, Hungary

         Hosted by the Univ. of Miskolc, whose campus lies next to Miskolc-Tapolca (a spa famous for its thermal cave-bath), this conference aims to present aspects of the history of mathematics— including its impact on the teaching of mathematics— to provide a forum to meet one another, and to give an opportunity for young researchers to present their findings in the history of mathematics. Educators, students, graduate students, and other researchers are invited to take part in the meeting. Each participant will be given the possibility of presenting his/her contribution as a short (15-20 minutes) talk or a poster. Refereed papers will be published in the conference volume. The deadline for submission of abstracts of proposed talks is Mar. 15, 2020.

May 30 – June 1, 2020:  CSHPS/SCHPS Annual Meeting, London, Ontario, Canada

          The Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science  / La Société Canadienne d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences (CSHPS/SCHPS) is scheduled at Western University in conjunction with the 2020 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

July 5-11, 2020:  Eighth quadrennial European Congress of Mathematics, Portorož, Slovenia

          This quadrennial Congress of the European Mathematical Society is scheduled at the St. Bernardin Convention Centre in Portorož, Slovenia.

July 6-8, 2020: Quinquennial BSHM-CSHPM/SCHPM Joint Meeting, St Andrews, Scotland

           Scheduled at the Univ. of St Andrews, this year with the theme "People, Places, Practices". Every five years, a conference is held jointly by the British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM) and its sister society, the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (Société canadienne d'histoire et de philosophie des mathématiques) (CSHPM/SCHPM). The deadline to submit a proposal for a paper is November 30, 2019. Co-located with the Eleventh Conference on Mathematical Cultures and Practices on July 8-10 (q.v. below).

July 8-10, 2020: Eleventh Conference on Mathematical Cultures and Practices, St Andrews, Scotland

           Scheduled at the Univ. of St Andrews, this is a meeting of scholars from mathematics, philosophy, mathematics education, sociology, anthropology, automated reasoning, and history of mathematics. The participants are interested in cultural aspects of mathematical research practice, and in developing a view of the discipline based on empirical observations of the practices of mathematicians, taking into account the fact that cultures and practices of mathematics vary over time, space, and research community. The broad themes explored at the meeting include local mathematical cultures and styles; values in mathematics; the social nature of mathematical knowledge production; materiality of mathematics; and technological innovations. Co-located with the Qinquennial BSHM-CSHPM/SCHPM Joint Meeting on July 6-8 (q.v. above).

July 12-19, 2020: 14th quadrennial International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-14), Shanghai, China

         The ICME-14 program includes a total of 62 Topic Study Groups (TSGs). Of particular relevance to the study of the history of mathematics are these:

  • TSG 27, “The Role of the History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education”, co-chaired by Kathleen M. Clark (Florida State Univ.) and Constantinos Tzanakis (Univ. of Crete, Greece)
  • TSG 55, “The History of the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics”, co-chaired by Wagner Rodrigues Valente (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil) and Alexander Karp (Columbia Univ.)

         The first-round window for submission of papers and posters to TSGs is Jun. 1 – Sep. 15, 2019.

         See also the HPM satellite meeting (July 21-25, 2020 entry, below).

July 20-23, 2020:  Nexus 2020, Kaiserslautern, Germany 

          The 14th international, interdisciplinary, biennial Nexus Conference on the Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics is hosted by the Faculty of Architecture at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (FATUK) and sponsored by Kim Williams Books. Nexus 2020 is certain to have sessions that incorporate the history of the relation between architecture and mathematics.Submissions of presentation proposals are accepted only in the period Nov. 1-29, 2019.

July 21-25, 2020:  10th quadrennial HPM meeting, Macao, China

          HPM 2020, scheduled at the Univ. of Macau in SAR Macao, China, is the10th quadrennial meeting of the International Study Group on the Relations Between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics— the HPM Group. It is a satellite conference of ICME-14 in Shanghai, China (see July 12-19, 2020 entry, above). The official languages of HPM 2020 are English and Chinese. The program includes plenary lectures, panels, workshops, and parallel sessions where participants present research reports, as well as poster exhibitions and exhibits of books and other didactical material. To submit a proposal for a research report, workshop, and/or poster, register for an account and submit the proposal via Microsoft CMT, and submit an abstract of at most 500 words no later than October 31, 2019.

July 29 - August 1, 2020:  MAA MathFest, Philadelphia, PA

          MathFest, the annual Summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, is scheduled at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. The deadline to propose SIGMAA sessions is Jan. 31, 2020; to submit abstracts for contributed paper sessions, poster sessions, panels, workshops, and town halls is April 30, 2020; and for early-bird conference registration is May 1.

August 1-5, 2020:  Bridges Conference, Helsinki and Espoo, Finland

         Scheduled this year at Aalto Univ. and the Univ. of Helsinki, "Bridges: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Education, Culture" is the world’s largest interdisciplinary conference on mathematics and art. This annual conference is certain to have sessions that incorporate the history of the relation between the arts and mathematics. The submission deadline is February 1, 2020 for regular papers, and March 1, 2020 for short or workshop papers.

August 31 – September 3, 2020:  International Conference of the European Society for History of Science, London, England

         The ninth biennial International Conference of the European Society for History of Science (ESHS) is hosted by the Centre for the History of Universities and Science at the University of Bologna (CIS) and by the Italian Society for the History of Science (SISS). The conference theme is “Visual, Material and Sensory Cultures of Science”.

September 12, 2020:  History of Mathematics and Flight, Manchester, England

          This all-day Saturday event, scheduled at the Concorde Conference Centre at Manchester Airport, is a set of talks about the history of mathematics and flight, broadly conceived to include the flight of man-made objects, animals, and even fugitives, plus flight formation, navigation, and control. The day will include an optional tour of the Concorde flight deck.

October 14-16, 2020:  Seventh Biennial René Descartes Lectures, Tilburg, Netherlands

          Scheduled at the Tilburg Center for Moral Philosophy, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science at the University of Tilburg, this meeting features three successive daily lectures by Philip Kitcher (Columbia Univ.) focused on the topic “Pragmatic Naturalism: Progress in Science, Mathematics and Values”, accompanied by invited commentary and related workshops.



January 6-9, 2021:  AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Washington, DC

July 25-31, 2021:  26th International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

          Scheduled at Charles University in Prague, this gathering is organized by the Division of History of Science and Technology (DHST) of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IUHPST). The theme of this year’s Congress is “Giants and Dwarfs in Science, Technology and Medicine”. The deadlines for submission of proposals are Apr. 30, 2020 for complete symposia, and Nov. 30, 2020 for stand-alone abstracts.


Please send Calendar items to Randy Schwartz.