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Annie and John Selden Prize

John and Annie Selden

In November 2004, the MAA Board of Governors approved the Mathematical Association of America's Annie and John Selden Prize for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education honoring a researcher who has established a significant record of published research in undergraduate mathematics education and who has been in the field at most ten years. The prize is designed to be an encouragement to such researchers and at most one is awarded every other year. The researcher will receive $500 and a certificate of recognition from the MAA.

Additional information and nomination forms for the Selden Awards.


List of Recipients


Elise Lockwood, Oregon State University


Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos, University of Warwick


Matthew Inglis, Loughborough University


Lara Alcock, Loughborough University


Keith Weber, Rutgers University


Marilyn Carlson, Arizona State University


Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University