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Undergraduate Students

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is the largest mathematical society in the world that focuses on mathematics for students, faculty, professional mathematicians, and all who are interested in the mathematical sciences; that is, mathematics at the undergraduate level. Our members include university, college, and high school teachers; high school, undergraduate and graduate students; and others in academia, government, business, and industry. Our core interests are Education, Research, Professional Development, Public Policy, and Public Appreciation. The student web pages cover topics in academics, careers, research/summer opportunities, meetings for students, and more. If you are not yet a member, we urge you to consider joining and ask you to visit our membership page. As a member, you can help the MAA fulfill our goals to benefit you, the student.

Our goal is to be nothing less than the best source of information for high school, undergraduate, & graduate students as well as anyone interested in mathematics. Any questions or comments can be sent to [email protected].

Student Guides from the MAA

Upcoming Joint Mathematics Meetings

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings on January 10-13 in San Diego, CA.  

Undergraduate Research

The MAA supports and encourages undergraduate research at a variety of levels. If you are interested in conducting research (including participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates or REU program) or presenting your research, we have resources for you on our undergraduate research pages.

FOCUS on Students: Articles for Students from the MAA's Newsmagazine, FOCUS

Writing a Resume
August/September 2007
Applying for an Academic Job
October 2007
The Job Talk
November 2007
Networking for the Non-Networker
January 2008
Why Join?
February 2008
Undergraduate Research
April 2008
When Time Begins
August/September 2008
How Not to Blow the Interview
January 2009

Click here to read current and past issues of FOCUS in full.

Careers in Math

Student Meeting Opportunities

There are a lot of meetings in which undergraduate and graduate students can participate. Here is a short list:

Links to Other Associations

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