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Regional Workshops

StatPREP will host four regional workshops in summer 2020 focused on helping faculty learn to teach modern methods of data analytics in introductory statistics courses. For more information on the content of these workshops please click here

These workshops are open to any faculty member teaching post-secondary intro stats over the next academic year. There is no registration fee for the workshop and all workshop expenses are covered through support from the National Science Foundation. Funds up to $100 are available for each participant to offset local travel expenses.

  • May 29-30, 2020: Florida Southwestern State College, Fort Myers, FL
  • June 3-4, 2020: Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX
  • June 5-6, 2020: Essex County College, Newark, NJ
  • June 12-13, 2020: Howard Community College, Columbia, MD

To register for a workshop, please click here.

Project Summary

StatPREP will foster the widespread use of data-centered methods and pedagogies in introductory statistics courses. This will in turn enhance the preparation of students to meet the demands of a data-driven workplace and to use the newly available resources in our data-centric world. StatPREP will work directly with college-level instructors, both online and in community-based workshops, to develop the understanding and skills needed to work and teach with modern data.

StatPREP will initiate community transformation focused on modernizing undergraduate statistics education. This project will offer an extended professional development program for mathematics faculty, particularly at two-year institutions, who teach introductory statistics, it will establish regional communities of practice to support these instructors, and it will provide them a national online support network with statistics education experts. This project also contributes to the goal to “improve STEM learning and learning environments by investigating the effectiveness of this professional development model as a catalyst for community transformation. The combined resources and reach of the MAA, ASA, and AMATYC will ensure the sustainability of StatPREP and the availability of this program to the largest possible audience.

Project Leadership Team

  • Rachel LevyMathematical Association of America
  • Donna LaLonde, American Statistical Association
  • Michael Brilleslyper,United States Air Force Academy
  • Jenna Carpenter, Campbell University
  • Daniel Kaplan, Macalester College
  • Kathryn Kozak, Coconino Community College
  • Ambika Silva, College of the Canyons

For more information, please contact MAA Programs

Support for this MAA program is provided by the National Science Foundation (grant DUE-1626337).