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MAA to the Power of New

Today is the last day MAA Headquarters will be located at 1529 18th Street Northwest in Washington, DC. We have called this location home for over 50 years. After we announced the sale of the building in 2021 to the University of Utah, our staff have spent countless hours packing and organizing the pieces of the past. We collected photographs and documents that tell the rich story of MAA and are prepared for our move. 


Don’t worry, though! We are staying in the neighborhood. Our new location will also be in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. 


As we wrap up our time at 18th Street N.W., please enjoy the video below featuring our very own Max O’Hern, Digital Events Specialist, as he takes us through the place we called home for over half a century.




This physical move for MAA is in sync with the overall organizational transformation we have been working towards. Our staff, programs, brand, and internal processes are also progressing to new levels. MAA to the Power of New, or as we’ll be calling it MAANEW, starts today and will be a place for us to share this journey with our members and our community. Stay tuned for updates as we usher in a new era for the MAA together.

Michael Pearson

Executive Director, Mathematical Association of America