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Staff Directory

Senior Directors

Michael Pearson [bio]

Executive Director

Deirdre Longacher Smeltzer [bio]

Senior Director for Programs

Ben Spaisman

Chief Business Officer

Kimberly Rutland-Starks

Chief Financial Officer

Carol Baxter

Senior Director of Publications Operations

Kristen Vu

Senior Director of Development and Communications 

Executive Department

Susan Kennedy

Executive Office Manager



Kiera Edwards

          Director of Programs and Grants Management

Grace Murrin

          Coordinator, Programs and Grants

Meetings and Events

Director Meetings and Events: Vacant

Ben Spaisman, Acting

Max O'Hern

Digital Event Strategy, Specialist

Olesia Romanova

Meetings and Events Program Specialist


American Mathematics Competitions

Jennifer Barton

Director, Competitions Operations

Nicole Goberdhan

Senior Manager, Competitions Operations

Maryam Syed

Competitions, Coordinator

Lindsay Pulliam

Competitions, Coordinator


Stephen Kennedy

Senior Acquisition Editor

Beverly J. Ruedi

Electronic Production and Publishing Manager

Bonnie Ponce

Journals Managing Editor

Annie Petitt

Editorial Assistant



Steve Coolbaugh

Director of Membership 


Marketing and Communications

Kristin Morris

Communications and Marketing Manager

Caroline Sarda

Communication and Marketing Coordinator


Jess Anders

Manager, Development and Strategic Partnerships

Member and Customer Relations

Cheryl Adams

Director of Member and Customer Relations

Twila Cotter

Community Coordinator


Mia Piansay

Accounting Manager

Sara Arbaiza

Grant Accountant

Information Technology

Simon Park

IT Project Coordinator/System Administrator