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Joint Mathematics Meetings

Reference Points: MAA FOCUS Article MAA Press Release

UPDATE & REMINDER: Joint Mathematics Meetings

As you head back to school and prepare for fall Section and SIGMAA meetings and events here are a few reminders regarding MAA and our involvement at the AMS winter meeting in 2022.

All MAA national events will occur at MAA MathFest. We’re excited to host these annual events along with 100+ sessions at our summer meeting. It is up to the discretion of the Section meetings whether to hold virtual or in-person meetings in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

At the AMS winter meeting in 2022, some SIGMAAs will host events. MAA will co-sponsor the  AMS-MAA-SIAM Porter Public Lecture, the AMS-MAA-SIAM Hrabowski-Gates-Tapia-McBay Lecture, and a small slate of MAA Project NExT sessions. 

If you still have questions check out our FAQ below for more in depth answers and please feel free to reach out to us at ([email protected]) and we’ll be happy to assist you. We look forward to seeing you at MAA MathFest 2022 in Philadelphia August 3 - 5!

Future of the Joint Meetings FAQ

The MAA and the AMS have shared management, and equally contributed to the programming, of the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) since 1998. Through extensive discussions over the last 5 years, MAA and AMS have agreed the collaboration no longer meets the needs of our organizations and will change following JMM 2021.

To give context, the current business model for JMM results in an overall revenue loss for the MAA. The benefits-cost ratio is less than 1 where the costs significantly outweigh the benefits. For transparency, the loss is approximately $300,000/year, with AMS absorbing an even greater cost. We feel this money can be allocated more effectively. We know this is a big change and we have heard from many of our members. We hope to address your questions below:

Starting in 2022, MAA national meeting activities will occur at MAA MathFest in the summer. The MAA will build on the growth of MAA MathFest and will also direct resources to better support MAA Sections at meetings like this and other programs that expand access and services to more members.

For more information, see the Oct./Nov. issue of MAA FOCUS and the October press release.

Q: Will MAA still have a presence at the AMS winter meeting after 2021?
A: Yes, MAA will still have a presence at the AMS winter meeting. We will continue having the joint invited address in partnership with AMS. Additionally, we will also have the AMS-MAA-SIAM Porter Public Lecture as well as some MAA Project NExT sessions. The Project NExT fellows that begin the summer prior will meet during the winter meeting.

Q: What new opportunities will there be at MAA MathFest?
A: We are excited to offer many great new opportunities!

We are working on expanding professional development opportunities and incorporating more career-related programming such as a career fair.

We will be co-programming with our sister organizations including Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), National Association of Mathematicians (NAM), and The Association for LGBT Mathematicians (Spectra).

There will be a new student poster session, which will help expand opportunities for our students at MAA MathFest.

The inaugural Martin Gardner Lecture was held at MAA MathFest 2019 and will continue annually.

Q: Will there be expanded content at MAA MathFest focused on mathematics research?
A: Yes, the MAA will continue to build on our history of mathematical exposition as we expand the mathematical programming at MAA MathFest to include current trends and results across mathematics. We are exploring expanded content topics such as the role of mathematics, and mathematics departments, in data science.

Q: What new opportunities will there be at MAA Section meetings?
A: There are many new opportunities in the works for MAA Section meetings.

New AWM and NAM lectures with Polya lectures in a 3-year rotation. There will be workshops and crowdsourcing sessions that focus on the work of MAA projects, such as theCommittee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM) Guidelines and Instructional Practices (IP) Guide.

The Tondeur Career Initiatives include: BIG Career Interview card game and grants for career activities at Section meetings.

MAA representing mathematics on the National Academy’s Data Science Roundtable.

Q: What about my group (committee, grant project, SIGMAA, etc.) that has been meeting at JMM?
A: We launched our online engagement platform MAA Connect to help members during this transition. MAA Connect is a portal where members can engage in conversation, share work and ideas, and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues. We recommend utilizing this tool as well as looking into other options for your meetings such as meeting at MAA MathFest, rotating meetings among other Sections. If you need access to an MAA Zoom account, contact [email protected].

Q: Can I use my Section/SIGMAA funds at the AMS winter meeting?
A: Unfortunately, no. Starting in 2022, the MAA will not approve SIGMAA funds for use at the AMS winter Meetings. For a list of where you can use those funds, see below.

Q: If AMS covers the room and A/V, will MAA cover the food at the AMS winter meeting?
A: Unfortunately, MAA will not fund events beyond the joint lectures and MAA Project NExT sessions listed above.

Q: Where can we use MAA funds to meet?
A: MAA funds can be used at MAA meetings, however, they cannot support sessions at non-MAA meetings (winter meetings or beyond). MAA encourages all efforts that support and advance the mission. We will consider proposals for funding to hold focused sessions at MAA professional meetings to help share the work of MAA project teams, build collaborative groups, support future projects, and other specific efforts that align with MAA’s mission.