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The application system is open each year from Feb. 1st to April 15th and September 1st to October 15th. During those times there should be an 'Apply Now!' link above.


Research suggests that faculty early in their careers are more open to trying new teaching methods and benefit more from the kind of professional development Project NExT provides. Thus our program is designed for faculty in the mathematical sciences who are early in their careers, at any higher education institution (including community colleges.) Although most applicants apply in the year before they start their first or second year of full-time teaching (not including research-intensive post-docs), we welcome applications from faculty who don't fit this traditional profile. We encourage anyone thinking about applying to please consult the Project NExT applicants' FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The most common reason applications are rejected is because the advice in the FAQ was not followed. (Especially important: your personal statement should not be a quickly recycled teaching philosophy.)

Cost Structure

There is no fee for participation in Project NExT itself, and Fellows will be provided with all programming and (if in-person meetings are possible) snacks and most of the meals at the Project NExT Workshops prior to MathFest. . We understand that travel budgets at many institutions are tight or even frozen. Rather than asking institutions to commit to a particular dollar figure for travel support, we are asking deans and chairs to make a commitment to supporting their applicants in non-financial ways, and are also asking how much travel support they could commit to. Pre-pandemic, institutions were asked to promise at least $4500 of support; we understand that many are in difficult budget situations and that level of support might not be possible. Given the circumstances, we are planning that remote participation may be necessary, but are uncertain exactly what that might look like. Thanks to a generous grant from the Educational Advancement Foundation, a small number of travel grants are available, especially targeting faculty from underrepresented minority groups and faculty at Minority Serving Institutions. Details are included on the application form. Additional opportunities for professional development include the Early Career Mathematician Committee's MAA Mentoring Network.

Project NExT Leadership Team at MathFest 2015. From left to right:: Julie Barnes, Matt DeLong, Anthony Tongen Alissa Crans, Dave Kung.

Application Procedure

The deadlines are different depending on your situation. Applicants who want to join MAA Project NExT before they begin a new full-time teaching position are welcome to apply by April 15th. They will hear a decision on June 1st. For those applicants, the application will open around February 1st. Applicants who will already have taught at their new institution before starting NExT should apply by October 15th. They will hear a decision on December 1st. For those applicants, the application will open around September 1st. To apply, click the link above (which is only active during the open periods).

Outside of exceptional cases (contact us), we only accept applications online. A completed application includes

  • a personal statement (as a pdf) not to exceed two pages (Note: this is different from a Teaching Philosophy, and should speak to what you hope to gain from participation in the program–see the applicant's FAQ for more)
  • a research statement (also a pdf) not to exceed one page (<250 words would be even better!) 
  • a one-page vita (yep, a third pdf) 
  • a completed application form (this requires contact information for your dean/chair and contact information for the Teaching & Learning Center or similar office if the institution where you will be teaching has one)
  • a letter of support from your chair or dean. In the application system, submit their email as a Reference Letter writer.

Before applying, read the applicant's FAQ. Then, after writing the two statements and CV, fill out the on-line application form. You will be asked to upload both statements and the one-page CV as part of the process. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] .