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The 2011 Project NExT Fellows (Peach11 dots)

Project NExT "Dots"

Since 1994 there have been over 1500 Fellows, who have appeared in all capacities in the academic mathematical profession. Each year's cohort (now about 80 per year) is designated with a "dot" color, which they wear proudly on their MathFest and Joint Meetings nametags. The current and all former Project NExT Directors gleefully hand out dots at conferences, joyfullly greeting the returning Fellows. The colors form a cyclic group of order seven (with some appropriate operation):

  • red (1994 + 7n)
  • green (1995 + 7n)
  • blue (1996 + 7n)
  • peach (1997 + 7n)
  • silver (1998 + 7n)
  • brown (1999 + 7n)
  • gold (2000 + 7n)

In addition, each cohort has a name unique to their year.  In the first seven years, that name is simply the color {red, green, etc.}.  Cohorts from the second seven years were given names that essentially rename the color  {cardinal, forest, sky, orange, sterling, sepia, sun}.  Cohorts beginning in 2008 have been named by the color and their starting year {red08, green09, etc.}.

Awards and Recognitions

Project NExT Fellows have been awarded teaching awards at their institutions, in their MAA Sections, and nationally (at least 9 Alder and 2 Haimo awards have been won by Project NExT Fellows). They have won awards for written exposition (at least 11 MAA awards for exposition in MAA journals), and been invited speakers at national meetings. They have served as governors of their Sections (at least 8) and in numerous other capacities in their Sections, including running Section NExTs. The past president of the MAA, Francis Su, is a Fellow (Blue dot)

Find A Fellow

Want to find a current or previous Project-NExT Fellow? Find someone that can help you learn more about our program? Want to find all Fellows supported by a particular organization, or all Fellows named Sarah? Use the Project NExT Fellow search form.

Gold14 Fellows sharing ideas.
Gold14 Fellows sharing ideas.